ЕВРО-2020 с БК Винлайн

Сборные возвращаются на телевизионные экраны и отодвигают клубный футбол на второй план. Болельщики увидят предпоследний этап отборочного цикла к Чемпионату Европы 2020

16 октября, 10:20110
Команда Молдовы достигла исторического результата на ЧМ по муай-тай

С 28 сентября по 6 октября, в Анталии, Турция, прошёл чемпионат Мира по муай-тай, где сборная команда Молдовы достигла исторического результата, завоевав четыре золотые и одну бронзовую медаль

10 октября, 04:111152
Бронзовая медаль молдавской теннисистки на турнире в Румынии

Успешно выступила юная молдавская теннисистка Камелия Табарча на турнире по настольному теннису в румынском городе Ботошани, в котором она смогла стать обладательницей бронзовой награды

7 октября, 04:331221
В Кишиневе проходит пятый Международный Кишиневский марафон

Сегодня, 29 сентября, на Площади Великого Национального Собрания пройдет самое масштабное соревнований по бегу в Молдове — пятый юбилейный Международный Кишиневский марафон. Участники уже собираются на площади, готовятся и ждут объявления старта.

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24 июня, 13:36475

Castle to coast - new breed of ‘sportive’ triathlon lauched

A new event will see triathletes complete a course from Eton Dorney Lake near Windsor Castle to the coast at Brighton.

Unlike nearly every other triathlon in the world, they will not race against each other, the clock or anything at all. The Castle to Coast triathlon is a sportive triathlon with no timing chips and no podiums – just a long, beautiful swim, bike and run.

The course is set to be challenge with a 1.2mile swim leading to a 67mile bike through the Surrey Hills. It finishes with a 13.2mile run over the South Downs, which includes Ditchling Beacon and in total there will be more than 4000ft of elevation.

Castle To Coast is the brainchild of Lee Brown, founder and director endurance events company Fullsteam. It follows a pattern of companies offering and ever-increasing variety of events to suit all athletes that we reported on last month.

Challenging and stunning

Lee said: “I know how much people enjoy sportives in the cycling world but in triathlon we always want to add the pressure of a race clock. Castle to Coast will be a completely different experience meaning that clubmates, friends and family will be able complete the course together and transition will be much less of a mad scramble.

“I think that a lot of people will just enjoy themselves. It’s a challenging course but stunning as well.”

Castle to Coast will start at 8am August 10 and participants have the option of having their wetsuit and bike delivered to the finish line in Brighton or returning to the start line near Windsor on the hourly coaches Fullsteam will put on.

Entry is £150 to finish in Brighton or £165 to return to Eton or £190 for a team relay in which all three will finish in Brighton. All prices will increase by £10 on July 1. Numbers are restricted to 500 in the first year.

Lee added: “We have had a great response from the ‘non-triathlon’ market so far but quite a few clubs are interested too. If there are 10 from a club, we can put on a section of transition for them to enable then to regroup.

To enter or find out more, go to www.fullstea.am

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