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This Sunday, September 29, the fifth Chisinau International Marathon will be organized. This sporting celebration shall gather thousands of participants, who shall run their distance and fight for the title of “fastest runner”. The live stream of the race will be available on the official Chisinau Marathon Facebook page.

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OM — the official water of Chisinau International Marathon 2019

Maintaining water balance in the body is the most important condition during the marathon. This condition will be met by OM drinking water, which traditionally becomes an official partner of the fifth Chisinau International Marathon.

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#BeActive and overcome 42 km at Chisinau International Marathon

One of the most large-scale events of the country and which celebrates the fifth anniversary this year, Chisinau International Marathon, will be held in Chisinau, on 29 September during the European Week of Sport. #BeActive supports this movement and the healthy lifestyle, therefore it will participate in the event as a title partner for the 42 km distance.

#Be active and the European Week of Sport 2019

European Week of Sport is an annual large-scale movement, which was launched by the European Commission in 2015 and which aims to popularize sports among Europeans.

Within this movement, various competitions, festivals, cultural, sporting and entertaining events are held in many European cities, in which all people may participate, regardless of their age and fitness level.

This year, the European Week of Sport will be held from 23 to 30 September promoting the #BeActive message. It represents a call to all people to stay active and energetic throughout life. By using the #BeActive hashtag you become a participant of this movement and you help it unite all continents.

The European Week of Sport motivates the Europeans to become more active, encourages them to lead a healthy lifestyle and to practice sports. Annually, more and more people join the movement. So, since the first European Week of Sport, the number of participants has increased from 5 million in 2015 to 12 million in 2018.

The Chisinau International Marathon will be held on September 29, 2019, the track of which lies on the main streets of the capital of the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau.

The participants have to cover one of the following distances:

- Marathon (42 km 195 m);

- Half marathon (21 km 0975 m);

- 10 km race;

- 5 km race;

- Fun Run (1.5 km).

The children’s race, Kids Run Day, will be held as part of this sporting event on September 28. 

For more details and registration, please visit the official website https://marathon.md/en/register

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