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Enjoy the taste of the Crisple healthy snack at Kids Run Day 2019!

On Saturday, 28 September, as part of Chisinau International Marathon, a race for the young athletes, Kids Run Day 2019, will be organized. This sporting holiday is held for the most active children. Crisple, the crunchy apple chips, became an official partner of this race.

The Crisple apple chips are a healthy snack, which is 100% natural product, without added sugar, oils and preservatives; it is manufactured from selected apples. Crisple represents a perfect snack for both adults and children, healthy chips for travellers and a source of vitamins: one pack has as many vitamins and nutrients as 2-3 fresh apples.

You can have a snack while walking or travelling, because the pack is small, which may save some space in your bag or backpack.

Crisple apple chips have 4 flavours:

  • Fresh taste of red apples;

  • Spicy taste of cinnamon and red apples;

  • Invigorating taste of green apples;

  • Delicate taste of vanilla and green apples.

Come with all your family to Kids Run Day 2019 to support the young athletes!

Let’s “crunch” some healthy Crisple chips at the fifth Chisinau International Marathon!

As a reminder, the fifth Chisinau International Marathon will be held on 29 September 2019. On Saturday, 28 September, as part of Chisinau Marathon, a race for the young athletes, KIDS RUN DAY by Naturalis, will also be organized. People who do not wish to compete may participate in the entertaining family race, Fun Run by Iute Credit, and run 1.5 km on the main streets of Chisinau.

To register and learn more about this event, please visit the official website marathon.md.

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