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5 july

We’re opening the season of medals!

From 6 to 13 July, a real Rundemia will invade the whole country! You choose for yourself how much you run and when! Run 10 km* and get your first medal in 2020! Want to run more? Compete for a podium place!

Join the online race! Make your own route, choose your own start, and finish in a week! This is Rundemia! Let's go!

*All participants present their results as a track with their race recorded on any running tracker. 

22 august
42 days remaining

Organizator:                RunMoldova

Contact Organizatori: runmoldova@gmail.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/runmoldova

Regulament: http://runmoldova.com/orheiul-vechi/regulament/

Dragonul de Aur își schimbă data, dar "năravul" ba! Cea mai populară competiție de trail running din Republica Moldova va avea loc, în acest an, pe data de 22 august 2020. 

Maratonul Dragonul de Aur de la Orheiul Vechi este o competiție organizată într-o locație unică, amplasată pe structuri geologice de peste 13 milioane de ani, cu urme de locuire umană de peste 30000 ani, fortificații geto-dace, caverne și urme ale orașelor Hoardei de Aur și Țării Moldovei - “Șehr al-Cedid” (Orașul Nou) și “Orheiul Vechi”.

Rezervația Orheiul Vechi, aflată la intersecția Occidentului cu Orientul, păstrează un SEMN DIVIN - amprenta Dragonului de Aur, o făptură simbolică venerată din timpuri imemorabile în întregul spațiu eurasiatic.

Urmează “Calea Dragonului” (Semimaraton) sau „Hoarda de Aur” (Maraton), pe stânci de milioane de ani, prin locuri pline de istorie și legende! Alege una din cursele de maraton și semimaraton, prin Rezervația Orheiul Vechi și pe colinele din preajma râului Răut. Traseul curselor include Mănăstirea rupestră Butuceni, Biserica Sfânta Maria, “amfiteatrul milenar”, Vestigiile citadelei și sanctuarului geto-dacic, băilor tătărești, palatului pârcălabului, bisericii și citadelei medievale, locuinței din piatră și înconjurul siluetei legendarului Dragon de Aur.

5 september
56 days remaining

Purcari Wine Run is a sports festival, which includes a 10 km trail race, workshops, master classes, outdoor recreation, touring, as well as wine degustation and national cuisine tasting. The sporting event will be held for 2 days in the Chateau Purcari winery.

The fourth official edition of the Purcari Wine Run race is due on 5 September 2020. Everybody interested, both amateur and professional athletes can compete in the trail running race.

Organizers: the public sports organization Sporter and the most popular bulletin board - 999.md. Co-orgonizer - Chateau Purcari.


26 september
77 days remaining

On Saturday, 26 September 2020 within the framework of Chisinau International Marathon will be held competition for children - Kids Run Day. 

This Competition aims at children, who will compete in distances established by the organizers, depending on their age and level of training.

– The 400-meter race can be attended by persons who are 5, 6 years old before the date or on the day of the competition. 

– The 800-meter race can be attended by persons who are 7, 8 years old before the date or on the day of the competition. 

– The 1200-meter race can be attended by persons who are 9 and 10 years old before the date or on the day of the competition. 

– The 2000-meter race can be attended by persons who are 11, 12 and 13 years old before the date or on the day of the competition.

 Everybody interested in attending the competition shall visit the "Registration" page on the official website www.marathon.md

27 september
78 days remaining

The sixth Chisinau International Marathon will take place on 27 September 2020, along the central streets of Moldovan capital. Participants will have to choose one of the following distances to run:

— Marathon (42 km 195 m) 

— Half marathon (21 km 0975 m)

— 10 km Race

— 5 km Race

— Fun Run (1.5 km) 

On September 27, as part of the sporting event, the competitive race for young athletes -  KIDS RUN DAY, will  be held.

As a recap, the fifth Chisinau International Marathon was attended by athletes from 50 countries, including Slovakia, Australia, USA, Elveția and the Russian Federation. In total, 19,000 people took part in the sporting event.

The official marathon website: www.marathon.md

7 february
211 days remaining

On the 7th of February 2021, in the wine cellars of Milestii Mici, the Milestii Mici Wine Run 2021 will be held. This is the only race in Europe with a 10-km course at a depth of 80 meters. Both professional and amateur athletes can take part in the race. Registration for the Milestii Mici Wine Run 2021 is open now, don’t miss your chance to participate! Please mind that there is limited participation.

Winners will be awarded prizes and gifts from event partners.

To register for the race, please visit the official website https://milesti.winerun.md/

The Milestii Mici Wine Run 2020 is conducted by the sports organization Sporter and the largest bulletin board in Moldova - 999.md.

30 may

VELO HORA: Hai să-ntindem hora mare!

Date and time:
30 May 2020 - 08:00, 30 May 2020 - 15:00

VeloHora 2020 organizers invite everyone to join an unusual race! 

Despite the fact that part of the restrictions associated with COVID-19 has been lifted, the largest cycling event of 2020 — VeloHora — unfortunately, cannot be held as usual and is postponed until further notice. However, on May 30, the organizers offer cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to participate in an event, which can rightly be considered the first large-scale spring training session before VeloHora 2020.

The public sports organization Sporter invites everyone who is fond of long bike rides to take a tour along the route of the future Velohora 2020. The bike ride is due on Saturday, 30 May, on the following route:

Great National Assembly Square - Stefan cel Mare Bd. - Viaduct - Dacia Bd. - Decebal Bd. – Gagarin Bd. – Albisoara St. - G. Vieru Bd. – Calea Orheiului St. – Petricani St. - M. Viteazul St. - Stefan cel Mare Bd. - Great National Assembly Square.

The organizers emphasize that it is not necessary to start and finish in the central square: “The arch in the Great National Assembly Square is just a reference place, where you and your friends can take memory pictures to post on social networks. You can go on the route at any time of the day, in any place convenient for you, but, nevertheless, it is important to ride under the arch in the center of the capital. In addition, participants in this bike ride will be able to warm up after quarantine and take a tour of the streets where VeloHora will take place. And even though now we cannot get together with all the cyclists in the country and ride through the city in a big noisy crowd, we believe that very soon the day will come when VeloHora will cross the streets of Chisinau again!”

The organizers urge all metropolitan motorists to be more careful on the roads on that day. It would be best to get off your cars, get on the bike and take part in the bike ride.

Note! We draw the participants' attention to the fact that, on this day, the traffic in the city will not be closed! Therefore, it is important to follow the traffic rules and take care of your own safety! The organizers remind that the participants must wear a helmet and, a very important thing in today's conditions, to observe the recommended distance and not to form groups of more than 3 people.